9Th & 10th November 2019

  6+6 Hour format
in conjunction with The WEMBO and nat champs 24 hour
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2019 UNE 12 HOUR

'but it's really 6+6 hours...'

UNE 12 Hour, and Nat Champs and WEMBO Asia Pacific 24 Hour Solo MTB Championships Combine!!

Yes. You read that correctly friends. The UNE 12 Hour has navigated puberty, pretended to like beer, experimented with an undercut and faked an interest in Coldplay’s songs long enough.

We’re going to University!

After 8 years, the UNE 12 Hours is moving to the University of New England dedicated mountain bike trail. The event will combine with the Nat Champs and WEMBO (World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation) Asia Pacific Solo 24 Hour MTB Championships which was awarded to NEMTB - partly due to the convenience of full electricity, toilet, change-room and purpose built trail all in the middle of town.

The shenanigans kick off on November 9. The format of the 12 Hour will be a 6 + 6 hour with competitors completing two 6-hour time periods that will have the times combined while the 24 hour competitors will just roll on through the full day.

So fill up the car with mum’s credit card, grab your Jason Priestley poster, 2 minute noodles and pat your dog goodbye cause schools in!

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Drum roll please...... The 2019 Track!!

The track distance is 9.5km, with elevation of 193m per lap.

The 2019 Junior & Adaptive Track...

The track distance is 5.2km, with elevation of 90m per lap.

UNOFFICIAL Course Description

*asterisk Trails Have not been ridden in the 12 hour.


Here are a few trail name teaser:


Flowy single-track, keep climbing but how far?


You have to have a little bit of the green frog!.

Lone Pine*

Ok a little bit of tech

Full Cognition*

Flow up and then down

Axe head Climb*

Flow climb in a little pine.

Rams Horn Loop*

A few bumps for those that need them 


A little more

The Rock*

The rock or not (around it).

Quick Release*

Mars can Attack another day!


A popular frog


There can only be one deck.


All leaves will be reinstalled before the event.

FOOTrot Flats*

Fast trail along creek bank, then across refurbished single-track causeway.



Tel: 040 9292 310

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