Race Details 2019


New England Mountain Bikers Inc, the University of New England and the Armidale Regional Council are excited to be hosting the 2019 UNE 12 Hours in the Piney in conjunction with the 2019 Nat Champs and WEMBO Asia-Pacific Continental  Championships on the 9th and 10th November 2019 at the SportUNE Mountain Bike Trails.

While the 24 hour solos belt out their 24 hours, the UNE 12 Hours in the Piney will be held as a 6 + 6 hour, 12pm to 6pm and 6am to 12pm. This can be completed in a team or as a solo. There will also be a Junior event starting at 12pm and finishing at 4pm.


6 + 6 Hour format for 2019

The UNE 12 Hours At The Uni has changed the race format to a 6+6  hour for 2019. The last lap must be started before Saturday 6pm. The number of minutes that your team finishes the last lap after 6pm will determine your start time the following morning, ie a team finishing their last lap at 6:21:35pm will start the next morning at 6:21:35am. Last lap on Sunday must be started before 12pm and completed by 1pm.

24 Hour Solos

All categories will start at 12pm Saturday and the last lap for 24 hour solo riders must be started by 12pm Sunday.


There is definitely potable water at SportUNE.


Prizes will consist of cash, goods and products. Small products will be given to some riders as they finish, not just based on their performance. Prizes will be distributed across many divisions and riders.  Presentations will be held ASAP after the race concludes.  Cash or prizes may not be awarded to every podium position where categories have low numbers.

WEMBO will be providing a cash pool of $3,200 for the Elite Male and Female podiums. This will be allocated as follows;

     1st - $1,000

     2nd - $400

     3rd - $200


Results will be posted live on the web during the race at www.my.raceresult.com.

Teams Transition

Transitions can occur in the dedicated transition area following the start/finish timing station or at your trackside camping area. The riders should touch, before continuing the race.  Teams who fail to transition in the spirit of the event will be penalised.


Each competitor will be allocated a track side solo pit space of 3m x 3m.

Adjacent the Solo Pit area there will be a communal marquee containing lights battery charging station, microwaves and hot water jugs.

If you require a separate camping area please note these details when completing your online registration.

Marquee Hire

A small number of marquees will be available for hire. If you require a hire marquee please contact the event organiser by using the web based contact on the bottom of the Home page.

Event Registration

Online registration will open on Saturday, 13th July 2019. 

Race registration will be  on Saturday 9th November at the Event Center at SportUNE  between 8am and 11am.  There will be no entries taken after 11am on Saturday.  

If the event is moved or cancelled any moneys refunded will attract a charge of $10 per transaction.

Online entries will close at 6pm on Friday 8th November 2019.  All entrants need to be MTBA licensed or hold a MTBA Day Licence ($36) which can be purchased during the online registration process. Juniors for the Dirtmaster event require a Participation Licence for $7 if they don't hold a Dirtmaster or Dirt Club membership.  We are strongly encouraging participants to enter online.  This will help enormously with race planning and congestion issues at the timing tent on Saturday morning.

Any rider entering on the day will need to complete a Race Entry Form, waiver and present their MTBA licence or purchase a day licence ($36).


Nat Chamos and WEMBO Asia-Pacific Solo 24 Hour MTB Championships

   All categories - early bird entry $135 pp ($155 after 1 November)

UNE 12 Hours in the Piney

   Solo – Male and Female early bird entry $75 per person ($95 after 1 November)

   Pairs - Male, Female and Mixed early bird entry $130 per pair ($170 after 1 November)

   Teams of Three – Male, Female, Mixed early bird entry $175 per team ($235 after 1 November)

   Teams of Four – Male, Female, Mixed early bird entry $200 per team ($280 after 1 November)

   Junior Teams 13 - 18 yrs  -  $130 per team (4 to 6 riders)

   Junior Loop  11 - 16 yrs - $90 per team (4 to 6 riders)

   Dirtmasters Short Course U10 - $5 per person and a Participation Licence if no Dirtmaster Membership.

Early bird entries will close at noon on Friday 1 November 2019. After this date entries will increase by $20 per person.


 UNE 12 Hours in the Piney (6+6)

Note that we may have to combine age categories if there are not enough entries in a specific category. If categories are combined, this will be announced at the race brief before the race.

Dirtmaster Short Track Event U10 - 20 min participation event on short track around transition area - a participation event for the younger riders

Junior Short Loop  11 - 16yrs  - Shorter loop approx 5km - a 4hr team event for the younger riders. Start time is 12pm (noon), finish at 4pm

Juniors Full Track 13 - 18 yrs - minimum age is 13. A team event for Juniors.  Start time is 12pm (noon) and will recommence Sunday morning after 6am depending on finishing time on Saturday.

Juniors wishing to race outside their age categories must have the approval of the Race Commissaire.  Please contact Peter Hosking on pres.nemtb@gmail.com -  040 9292 310 before Thursday, 7 November 2019.  Juniors will not be able to change categories on Saturday morning before the race.

Solos - Female and Male

              Female 40+ and Male 40+

   Female and Male E-bike

   Female and Male Adaptive

Pairs -  Female, Male, and Mixed

             Female 40+, Male 40+ and Mixed 40+


3 & 4 Person Teams

                Female, Male and Mixed of 3

                Female 40+, Male 40+ and Mixed 40+


Both teams of 3 and 4 will be competing in the same "Teams Category".  This means that there will be a teams podium and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters can be made up of either a 3 person team or a 4 person team.

E-Bikes are permitted to participate in the UNE 12 Hours in the Piney.  In fairness to teams, if a team includes a member riding an E-Bike no placings/podiums will be awarded to that team.  E-Bikes MUST comply to Australian Standards EN15194. The Commissaire may perform checks to ensure all bikes meet this standard.

 WEMBO 24 Hour Solo Male or Female

     Elite (18+ years)  

     Under 23 (18-22 years)  

     Expert (23-29 years)  

     Masters 1 (30-34 years)

     Masters 2 (35-39 years)

     Masters 3 (40-44 years)

     Masters 4 (45-49 years)

     Masters 5 (50-54 years)

     Masters 6 (55-59 years)

     Masters 7 (60-64 years)

     Masters 8 (65-69 years)

     Single Speed (Open)

Team Members Minimum Individual Laps

All team members must complete a minimum of the average number of laps per rider rounded down to the nearest whole number. As an example a team of 4 who completes 17 laps in total must individually complete a minimum of 4 laps per rider. (17 laps/4 team members = 4.25 laps / rider , rounding this down to 4 laps /rider as a minimum).

Entering Team With Mixed Categories Team Members

Mixed Categories can be entered as described above. Note that these teams entered will be allocated using the following:

1.     Three Males with a Junior Female = Mixed

2.     One Male with 3 Junior Males = Male

3.     Three Females with a Junior Male = Mixed

4.     One Female with 3 Junior Females = Female


All competitors must use adequate front lighting on their bike or person after 6.30pm for night laps. For safety reasons and also for enjoyment of night riding it is advised to use a good quality bike light so you can see where you are going. All competitors must have a red rear light affixed to their bike. Additionally, an emergency front light is also required should your main light fail (a head torch, flashlight, etc will suffice). The Transition zone staff will not let you enter the course unless you have the lights on your bike or person after 6.30pm. 

Junior Restrictions

The minimum age to ride the big track is 13 years. Junior teams need to have four to six riders and will ride an 12 hour event over the two days (6 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday).  The last lap must be started before 6pm on Saturday and 12 noon on Sunday.

The following recommendations apply to under 19 riders. It is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure that juniors participating in this event follow these MTBA rider recommendations. NEMTB have no ability to track the time spent on the course or the additional supervision required for U12. Please ensure that each junior team has one parent team representative that the officials can communicate with.

The following table indicates the time each age group can ride. This is according to the MTBA Guidelines on Junior Participation in Mountain Bike Events.


                Age                 Maximum XC Endurance Race Time


       U13 (11- 12yrs)                      1 Hour

       U15 (13-14yrs)                      2 Hours

       U17 (15-16yrs)                      3 Hours

       U19 (17-18yrs)                      4 Hours  




Please note that the above may mean that even a large team of juniors may not be able to compete for the full duration of the race due to the limited riding time for each rider.

Under 11 year old Juniors will require full adult supervision and will therefore be required to be escorted by a licensed guardian (MTBA or MTBA Day Licence $33).

Guardians entering Juniors need to be aware that all levels of riders will be competing at the same time on the same track, including fast elite riders. Any Junior competing must be familiar with race etiquette including calling faster riders around etc.

If unsure about entering a Junior team please contact the race commissaire 040 9292 310.

Dirtmaster Short Course Event 11am on Saturday

A participation event for our younger under 10 riders will be held on a modified track before the main race. The track will be short coursed around a section of track adjacent the transition area.  The entry will be $5 per rider  and the riders will need to have a Dirtmasters membership or a Participation MTBA Licence (additional $7).  Riders can register on Friday night at the Bowling Club (this is preferred) or on Race Day before 10.30am. 


All the SportUNE tracks are available to be ridden at any time. People using these tracks outside NEMTB events are doing so at their own risk. The main race track will be setup, from Friday afternoon, with additional taping and signage. Please assist the organisers by not interfering with these. The track will be closed for the race from 10am Saturday through to 1pm Sunday.

For more information on other tracks available in the Armidale Region see the NEMTB web site.

Getting There

Head to SportUNE complex on Sport UNE Drive in the University of New England (UNE) Campus.
     1. Turn right of Sport UNE Drive and park next to the tennis courts before you get to the main SportUNE complex.
     2. The trail head is directly behind the basket ball courts near the poplars, look for the large trail head signs.

NO Dogs and pets

No dog or pets are allowed at the SportUNE facilities. please leave them at home. 


Free Camping

Free Camping will be available for Friday and Saturday night. See the camping tab for map and details.

No FireS

Its a sporting complex this will be glamping!

Food and Water

We are pleased to announce that SportUNE and Hockey New England Canteen will be catering over the weekend.

Coffee, coffee, coffee .....The Altitude Coffee Roastery Van will be on site to cater for all your coffee needs.


More detail on catering will be posted soon.


Toilets will be available at Hockey New England and SportUNE change rooms. 


Saturday, 9 Nov 2019


08:00 – 11:00hrs    Registration open until 11:00hrs (Dirtmasters closes at 10:30hrs)

08:00hrs                 Official course practice (Marshals and First Aid in place)

10:30hrs                  Course closed for practice

10:45hrs                  Welcome to Country

11:00hrs                  Dirtmasters Event (modified course around event centre)

11:30hrs                  Courses ready for event and Marshals in place (short and long course)

11:40hrs                  Race competitor and supporter briefing

12:00hrs                 Race start

18:00hrs                 No further lap starts for UNE 12 Hour competitors

18:30hrs                 Lights required for all competitors starting lap

19:00hrs                 Expected time that only WEMBO competitors being on course

Sunday, 10 Nov 2019

05:30hrs                 Lights no longer mandatory for starting lap

06:00hrs                UNE 12 Hour teams recommence racing at posted times (must start at the chute prior to finish/start)

12:00hrs                 No further laps started

13:00hrs                 Anticipated last rider finished and course closed

13:30hrs                 Presentations

16:00hrs                 Event village closed

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